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Dr. Sal Meli, Naturopathic Doctor

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Personalized Treatments

No two people will ever heal from chronic illness with the same approach. It simply does not work this way. Dr. Meli can help you identify the multiple causative factors and correct them in a sequence that your body will tolerate. Dr. Meli blends a variety of treatment methods in unique ways for each of his patients.

Treating the person not the diagnosis

A diagnosis is determined by when a cluster of symptoms and lab reports adequately match the characteristics of a known disease or disorder. However, every human body, genome and history is unique. The correct treatment plan is based not on the diagnosis, but on the person.

Comprehensive Testing

Lab testing has surpassed the common tests run by family physicians. Dr Meli uses a wide array of tests to isolate the multiple imbalances that might be causing chronic symptoms. Common testing includes Lyme EliSpot tests, mycotoxins, organic acids, genetic SNPs, comprehensive stool analyses, provoked heavy metals, hormones and many others.

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