Spring Time Renewal: Advice on Effective Detoxification

It is a great pleasure for me to be part of the team at Squamish Integrated Health as the newest Naturopathic Doctor and with spring in the air, the timing couldn’t be better. For me, spring has always been the season for self-improvement, habit-breaking, cleansing from the routines of daily life. As nature around us prepares for another round of blossoming, so can we! This might mean a closer look at diet, exercise or thought patterns for some or for others, maybe a complete detoxification program to flush out those unwanted toxins that love to accumulate.

In my experiences, when people decide it’s time to cleanse, they overlook some simple yet important factors leaving their detoxification attempt ineffective and potentially harmful. It’s great that you’re motivated to support your body and maximize your potential but let’s do it properly.

Step 1: Reduce your exposure to toxins.

Toxins hide everywhere. Consider your surroundings, your foods, your cosmetics and your household cleaners. The most crucial part of this whole process is the food you’re putting directly into your body. Did you know that even so-called ‘healthy foods’ like soy and grains can cause health problems? There is a staggering amount of misunderstanding about what constitutes a healthy diet. Most diets unfortunately are rich in toxins and low in nutrition. This often overburdens the body’s attempt to keep toxins in homeostasis- the state of dynamic balance.

Step 2: Set the stage for proper elimination.

Our bodies are well equipped to eliminate wastes and toxins. We do it everyday, but sometimes these systems stop working as well as they should. Addressing constipation is crucial to a successful detoxification. Toxins have to be eliminated somehow, right? Don’t start any detoxification process until this problem is successfully addressed.

Step 3: Consider the bigger picture.

If elimination is all clear, it’s time to gently push the body towards detoxifying. Start the process off by increasing your water intake, getting more exercise and ensuring adequate rest. How’s your stress level? Psychological stress impairs physical function in a number of important ways. Take some time to identify which elements in your life are most stressful. Can they be modified or eliminated?

The main detoxifying organs are the liver and kidneys, which filter the blood. The lungs do their part but exhaling some toxins and sweating through the skin also helps considerably. The focus should be on the liver and kidneys however, remember that the whole body works together.

Step 4: Choose foods and products to help the detoxification process.

There are so many to choose from! The naturopathic philosophy that I follow suggests that each person has their own individual needs. No product is right for every one person. The general idea here is to support those vital detoxifying organs. Some simple and effective remedies include lemon water in the morning and throughout the day to stimulate the liver. Saunas are fantastic ways to promote sweating out toxins. Consuming fresh vegetable juice works wonders. A short fast is a popular and effective approached however I recommend seeking medical supervision for this one. Alternating hot/cold water in the shower each day will help improve blood flow to the liver and kidneys as do regular constitutional hydrotherapy treatments.

The potential benefits of an adequately planned detoxification program are improved mental clarity, memory and concentration. Also a more stable mood, improved weight control and increased energy and sex drive. Digestion concerns often normalize, skin lesions heal, inflammation and pain will be reduced, sleep becomes more restful, immunity against infection becomes much stronger and an overall greater sense inspiration, creativity and vitality. These results are achievable by everyone. Good luck!

If you would like assistance in customizing and improving your spring detoxification program or for any other health concern, book your appointment today.


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