Understanding why ozone therapy is remarkably clinically effective

Ozone therapy has been used in clinical practice for several decades now and is considered by many experienced physicians to be almost ‘too good to be true’. Imagine a therapy that is entirely safe, completely non-toxic, and inexpensive and produces a favourable effect on all of the auto-immune conditions, cancers, arthritis, infections (even drug-resistant infections), inflammatory diseases, chronic pain, acute pain, and cardiovascular disease. This can only describe ozone therapy.

Without question, ozone therapy can serve as an invaluable part of a comprehensive treatment plan, but do not be fooled, it is not a panacea, nor the sole solution to your health concerns.

With ozone therapy, naturopathic doctors and physicians alike are caught in a bind. IV ozone treatments have proven to be of great clinical utility, but the underlying understanding of ‘how it works’ just isn’t yet clear. The best theory that I’ve found to explain why ozone is useful in so many clinical situations is as follows:

When we consider chronic diseases, degeneration or the concept of aging, there exists a uniting principle, which is commonly overlooked. Cell must process energy to carry out their functions. In each of the scenarios listed above, the body experiences a decreased capacity for cellular energy production, which in turn promotes cellular damage. As a consequence, damaged cells produce even less cellular energy and so the downward spiral is initiated.

We can accept that all living things age, deteriorate and become ill over time, but what is often overlooked by the medical community are the biochemical reasons for and the options available to minimize the damage or delay the process.

Subjectively, we experience this process as decreased metabolism, fatigue, loss of resilience or vitality, chronic pain, poor wound healing and ultimately chronic disease leading to termination.

What separates the thinking of ozone therapy practitioners from the rest is the exploration of the biochemical process involved in diminished cellular energy production that invariably leads to chronic illness. The fundamental factor in this entire process is the utilization of the oxygen molecule for the conversion of energy from food (as stored fat or glucose) into the ATP molecule, which is the usable form of energy in all cells.

Stepping outside of the ‘diagnosis-driven’ medical model, toward the alternative ‘functional’ medical model, I aim to understand health and disease through the assessment of normal or abnormal biochemical processes and the implications of any abnormal process.

Hence, the overarching theory that may come to explain the overwhelming clinical benefits shown with ozone therapy injections is that the presence of ozone gas promotes a series of biochemical reactions ultimately accelerating cellular oxygen utilization.

Short of delineating the complex processes involved in cellular utilization of oxygen, I feel that the important concept here is that ozone therapy provides a unique, safe and clinically effective approach for achieving optimal cellular function and therefore overall wellness, when used in conjunction with other relevant therapies.

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Dr. Sal Meli
Naturopathic Doctor

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