What To Expect

What To Expect From Your First Appointment

Before Your First Appointment:

Upon booking your initial appointment, you will receive an intake form, which will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Ask your medical doctor for copies of all recent medical reports (e.g., bloodwork, scans, etc. from the past 2 years or any that pertain to your current symptoms).

Write down any concerns and questions for Dr. Meli in order to use your first appointment most effectively. All symptoms you are experiencing are important to discuss, regardless if they are seemingly ‘unrelated’ to your primary concern.

During Your First Appointment:

The goal of the first visit is to communicate your health goals, history, and symptoms to allow for an investigation into the potential causes of your symptoms or health concerns.

Bring any applicable medical reports, scans and laboratory results.  If you don’t have any or if this doesn’t apply, that’s okay.

If you have questions about any supplements or medications you are currently taking, bring the bottles in with you.

Dr. Meli will carefully take a complete medical history and, when relevant, perform a focused physical examination.

What you will receive:

An individualized program for your chief concerns, for general health care, and for prevention of disease. This will typically include advice for dietary and lifestyle modification and supplements or herbs. Educational resources are provided where applicable.

Follow-up visits:

Usually a 30-minute office visit in two or four weeks is recommended but this varies according to the nature and severity of the illness.

Typically a more comprehensive plan is drawn out during this visit and laboratory testing ordered when necessary.



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